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The client is a prominent FMCG company in the consumer goods industry. They are well-known for offering a variety of products and have a strong presence in the market. The company is planning to update and optimize a user-friendly web application for vendors and buyers in a specific market. This application aims to make the bidding process easier and save time for everyone involved.

Problem Statement:

The customer desires to establish efficient monitoring and alert systems, implement disaster recovery measures for enhanced safety and resilience, and decouple their infrastructure to embrace multi-cloud flexibility and implement cost optimization measures.

The Solution:

  • Implemented scaling policies based on the resource utilization to ensure availability.
  • Established a disaster recovery mechanism in a different region to enhance resilience. In the event of a failure, the system can seamlessly switch to an alternative region
  • Configured monitoring and alert mechanisms utilizing various HTTP error codes, automating ticket flow creation for quick resolution
  • Automated infrastructure setup through Terraform and Jenkins to streamline processes
  • Migrated each database from all lower environments to a single database for cost reduction.
  • Enforced a tagging policy to ensure that all provisioned resources are appropriately tagged.

Customer Benefits:

RefactorQ team helped the customer with following things

  • Increased availability and reliability, resulting in reduced downtime and ensuring a consistent user experience
  • Minimized the impact of potential disruptions, leading to an overall improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Achieved significant cost savings for the customer through various optimization measures.
  • Minimized the risk of human errors by enhancing the agility of the system.


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